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Going through an anxiety attack or bout of anxiety can seem like time has stood still and you are in the moment forever. But with the right tools it doesn’t need to be that bad. There are so many great tools out there now days that we can really get a handle on our anxiety when it pops up.

A weighted blanket is a fantastic tool to add to your toolbox. It’s like having someone giving you a constant hug. The blankets come in many different sizes, colors and weights. 15-20 lbs. is a good weight for an adult. They are much easier to find then they used to be. You can get them online or at your local big box store.

Sound machines are good for night time anxieties. This one is great because it plays sounds such as rain, white noise and crickets but it also plays soothing meditative type music as well. Another nice aspect of this machine is it runs on power or battery, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Worry stones are nice to have because they are so compact and inconspicuous. This is a 4 pack of healing stress relief stones in 4 different colors. Keep one in your pocket, one in your purse, one in your car and one at home. They are shaped perfectly to rub your thumb against them when you are feeling anxious and they are small enough that no one will notice you are doing it.

Adult color books can be an amazing distraction and calming tool. You can find them everywhere and there is a theme for everyone. This one with the spiral binding is great because you can easily fold it in half. You can get lost in a color book for hours and your mind just goes blissfully blank.

There are a few apps you can use for when you are on the go and your anxiety sneaks up on you. Insite Timer is the first one. This is a free app that offers guided meditations, music for sleep and much more. You can sit in your car and pop open the app and do a meditation if you are feeling particularly anxious.

The next one is the Calm app. This one you can try for free, but then they also have a paid subscription as well. This app also is for meditation and sleep.

So you can see, no matter where your anxiety creeps up on you, there is a tool to help you cope with it. These are just a handful of tools you can use. There are many more than just these, but this list should give you a nice start.

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