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Hi everyone! I wanted to take this first blog post and introduce myself, tell you a little bit about me and why I created this website. I also want to let you know what you will be able to find on my website.

So my name is Tanya, I am married and we have 3 boys ages 22, 18 & 11. My oldest son has ADHD and was diagnosed in Kindergarten. My youngest has depression and anxiety, he was diagnosed when he was 10. And I have depression, anxiety & PTSD. I was diagnosed in 2017. Parenting children with mental health issues was/is challenging, especially when it comes to school. It was always a battle to get my oldest to concentrate on his homework. We were finally able to get him an IEP when he was in 4th grade. This was a huge help. We had a bunch of accommodations for him such as being able to type his homework instead of hand writing it, having extra time to take tests, and being able to have fidgets and wiggle seat in the classroom to keep him from talking and distracting others, just to name a few.

When he got his IEP, I got involved with a doctor in our hospital’s behavior health department and started a local chapter of C.H.A.D.D. We held a support group once a month, and I organized speakers to come sometimes and offered other resources and books as well.

My youngest son can be a challenge also. Having depression and anxiety, plus going through puberty all at the same time is interesting sometimes. He is the most like me out of all of them. Since I also battle with depression and anxiety I know what he is going through. He is also very sensitive and gets his feelings hurt easily just like me. So it can be like walking on eggshells around him so we don’t trigger him.

Like I said, I was diagnosed in 2017 officially, but had been struggling since I was a teenager. In 2017 I hit my lowest low. I was going to commit suicide. I had a plan, but came to a crossroads. I decided I would go get help instead. I took myself to the emergency room and was admitted to the psych unit for two and a half weeks. You can read my full story in my book by clicking this link: Living with Depression, Anxiety and PTSD – You are not Alone or by visiting my SHOP page.

I wanted to start a website/blog that would offer tools to others who live with mental illnesses. I will be posting free printable worksheets, blogging about different mental health subjects, I have a shop page where you can purchase downloadable wall art having to do with mental health. I want to add different products in there also like t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, journals and other items. Eventually I will be putting together workbooks that you can purchase and download for your own mental health journey. And last but not least I will be having a monthly email I will be sending out to anyone who joins my email list.

I am excited for this new chapter in my life. I have always wanted to do something for my mental health community, and now I have found it! I hope you come along for the ride!

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